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Strategies for Disaster Risk Reduction

The U.N. World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is putting an exclamation point on lessons learned from recent calamities and what more can be done.

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EV for Resilience

The UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is underway in Japan; let's look at the part EVs can play in recovery.


Autonomous Drive Tackling New Highways

Nissan's Autonomous Drive vehicle takes a spin on a new highway link in Japan; watch the highlights here.


The Dashboard Digest - Earnings and LCVs

This week, Nissan revises its year-end forecast downward; the first NV200 taxi starts taking fares in NYC; and the Center of Design and Development for light commercial vehicles celebrates 10 years of growth.

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EVs Racing Ahead

Take a few hot laps in the Nissan LEAF Nismo RC with COO Toshiyuki Shiga at Nissan 360.

Nissan Dayz minicar launch, Tokyo, Japan.

The Dashboard Special Edition: Kei Cars

In this Special Edition, we cover the making of the Nissan DAYZ timed to its sales launch, and look at where minicars are headed, as the evolution of Japan's kei-car market continues.


The Dashboard On the Road - Mizushima DAYZ

This week, we highlight the new Nissan DAYZ at the Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima Plant. The new kei car model and DAYZ Highway STAR join Mitsubishi's eK Wagon and eK Custom as the newest minicars to compete in a category that comprises 40% of Japan's auto sales.


DAYZ Ahead

The Nissan DAYZ minicar is now a reality after two years of collaboration with Mitsubishi, and Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga say the partnership is an advantage for Nissan.


Nissan awarded 2013 J-Win Diversity Awards first prize

Nissan was awarded the first prize at the 2013 J-Win Diversity Awards, presented by the Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win), a nonprofit organization.

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The Dashboard - Tokyo Auto Salon

The Nissan Global Media Center presents the first episode of The Dashboard in 2013, our program on cars, people, technologies, motorsports and relationships that are changing the industry.


The Year Ahead

As automobile executives gathered in Tokyo a new year event hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga said he's expecting growth in 2013.


At the Sylphy Premiere

Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga talks about the new 2013 Nissan Sylphy and how it gives the carmaker an edge in the crowded and highly-competitive global C-segment market.

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The Dashboard - the 2013 Sylphy sedan, L.A. Auto Show and Nissan DeltaWing Tribute

The Nissan Global Media Center presents The Dashboard, our program on cars, people, technologies, motorsports and relationships that are changing the industry.

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The Dashboard - new EV and the making of a concept car

The Nissan Global Media Center presents this week's episode of The Dashboard, its program on cars, people, technologies, motorsports, and relationships that are changing the industry.

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Interview with CHAdeMO Association Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga

Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan Chief Operating Officer and CHAdeMO Association Chairman, spoke with the Global Media Center on the current status and outlook for the CHAdeMO quick-charging protocol at the venue of the Association’s general conference held in Tokyo.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Almost a year since a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck Japan, Nissan undertook its annual disaster-prevention drills. Nissan Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga and Senior Vice President Hitoshi Kawaguchi discussed the company's risk management with the Global Media Center.


And They’re Off!

Dec. 3 – Tokyo – A total of 101,000 visitors flooded Tokyo Big Sight from Saturday morning, as the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show opened its doors to the general public. Returning to the capital city after 24 years seems to improve visitor count for the show, as attendance on the first day was 60% higher […]

COO Shiga taking a seat in the Nismo LEAF RC

Japanese Automakers Show Their Fighting Spirit

This year has been rough for Japanese automakers, fraught with the challenges of natural disasters in Japan and Thailand as well as economic adversity in the form of the strong yen. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami left automakers grappling with damaged factories in northeast Japan and squeezed production capabilities at home and overseas as […]


Nissan launches the new Almera, first sedan eco-car in Thailand

October 7, 2011 Sawasdee-ka from Bangkok! The Global Media Center team is on location in Thailand for the launch of Nissan’s new Almera “sedan eco-car”, the first of its type in the market. Credited for pioneering the development of the eco-car segment in Thailand with the introduction of the March in 2010, more than 47,000 […]

CME Jerry Hardcastle

What’s a CME?

Coming from Singapore, which has a PM (Prime Minister), a ESM (Emeritus Senior Minister) and a MM (Minister Mentor), a public transport system called the MRT and roads paved with ERPs – I’m no stranger to the world of acronyms, so it feels quite natural to slip into another world that is just as fond […]


Media Center Welcome (Yokoso)

Welcome to the Nissan Global Media Center, a concept that grew from idea to innovation in only a half year. Joining the corporate narrative as Nissan and all Japan climbed back from the disasters of March, the Media Center team consists of former journalists and company veterans from across the globe. Construction of the Media […]

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