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Nissan reports first half results for fiscal year 2016

Nissan Half-Year Earnings

Nissan announced results for the six-month period to September 30, 2016 that showed an operating profit of 339.7 billion yen, a 6.4 percent margin.

Myanmar COMP

The Dashboard On the Road - Myanmar Special

This week the Dashboard On the Road comes to you from Myanmar, where we take a look at the rapid transformation of its auto industry and detail Nissan's plans in its newest market.


The View from Numero Uno

José Luis Valls, president of Nissan Mexicana, stopped by the Global Media Center this week, discussing how Nissan attained and plans to expand its market-leading position in Mexico.


The Iwaki Engine that Could

Nissan's Iwaki plant, with the help of Nissan staff from Japan and around the globe, as well as parts suppliers like JATCO, was able to come back on line and produce 300,000 engines last year. The Global Media Center spoke with Masaru Nomoto, general manager at Iwaki, who took the helm in January about the plant's recent past and outlook.


CEO Ghosn Reflects on Iwaki's Recovery

Now more than a year after 3/11, CEO Ghosn reflects on the tremendous recovery managers and employees achieved at the hard hit Iwaki Plant, now a symbol of strength for Nissan - and for Japan.

CVP Hideyuki Sakamoto

Global Media Center Interview with CVP Sakamoto

Following the announcement of Nissan Common Family Module prototype on February 27, Hideyuki Sakamoto, CVP for Alliance common platform and components, discussed the new system with the Global Media Center.

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