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CEO Ghosn: Datsun on the Rise

July 15 – New Delhi – Nissan Motor Company CEO Carlos Ghosn was on site for the launch of Datsun brand at the Kingdom of Dreams in Delhi.

The Global Media Center asked him about his expectations for the company’s returning marque.

Media Center: What is the new Datsun brand going to bring to the world?

Nissan Motor Company CEO, Carlos Ghosn:

Nissan Motor Company CEO Carlos Ghosn at Datsun World Premiere

A lot of new cars. Cars for people who are accessing the car market for the first time in their lives, of which there are many in the high-growth market. People are looking for reliability, looking for affordability and particularly, some basic functionalities in their car.

Datsun has done this for so many years. We’re are bringing it back and giving it a modern shape, with modern technology and we think it’s particularly aimed at the high-growth market, and addressing segments where today Nissan product has no offer.

So, Datsun is a complementary offer to Nissan and particularly in addressing younger consumers, rising consumers, consumers who are accessing the car market for the first time.

Media Center: What necessary to succeed with the new brand like Datsun?


The first condition is that the car has to be modern. I don’t think people accept cars that are 20- or 25-years old any more, old platforms or cars that have been tuned a little bit here and there. It doesn’t work anymore.

The Datsun GO will go on sale in India from early 2014

They want fresh and new technology, they want good platforms and they want some basic choices. They want the car that has everything you need, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

[Datsun must be] extremely competitive on pricing, nothing should be put in the car that consumers are not ready to pay for.

So the car is going to be attractive and t’s also going to be of great value. There’s going to be technology, there’s going to be functionality and the price is going to make it extremely attractive.

It’s also going to be good-looking, with some basic functionality. In the case of this particular car, which is the first Datsun, the roominess is the best of its class and the fuel efficiency is the best of its class.

It’s going to be at very attractive price for India, below 400,000 rupees, which corresponds to a little bit less than $6,500 and makes it very attractive.

Media Center: This is going to be the third brand for Nissan Motor Company, alongside the Nissan brand and Infiniti. What does Datsun bring?


Datsun will be introduced later in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa

It’s a complement to the Nissan brand. While Infiniti was a complement to the Nissan brand in the premium segment, Datsun is a complement in this particular segment of the high-growth market, where we have no offer.

There is no overlap, or very little overlap, between the brands. It allows us to have very strong brand attributes without over-extending these attributes where they don’t belong.


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