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Nismo’s Forward March

July 2 – Yokohama – Nismo showed off its burgeoning lineup at Nissan Motor Company’s Yokohama headquarters Monday, including its March Nismo S.

The Nismo lineup is getting bigger

Racing driver Michael Krumm, Nismo President Shoichi Miyatani, as well as engineers and product specialists took the stage to discuss the Nismo lineup.

The March Nismo and March Nismo S will join the Juke and Fairlady Z Nismo models – both already on sale in Japan – when they reach dealers in December.

The March Nismo, offered in two grades, combines head-turning Nismo styling with excellent on-road performance.

Nismo March S

The car will appeal to motorsports enthusiasts as well as a wider range of customers who desire a sporty car wrapped in an efficient and affordable package.

The March Nismo features aerodynamic technology honed through the Nissan GT-R’s involvement in the Super GT Series, Japan’s top road racing series.

Thanks to the refined exterior, the March Nismo achieves zero lift, resulting in improved road-holding ability and increased driving stability.

The Nismo team discuss new models

The base March Nismo is intended for environmentally- and financially-conscious customers, as the fuel economy is equivalent to a stock Nissan March, while the car makes a statement with its enhanced exterior that boasts aerodynamic performance.

The March Nismo S model will appeal to driving enthusiasts who appreciate its motorsports-inspired technology and added performance, power and superior handling.

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