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Inside the AvtoVAZ Classic Car Museum in Togliatti, Russia

July 3 – Togliatti, Russia – Near AvtoVAZ’s distinctive blue headquarters is the modest home to some of the treasures in the Russian automaker’s over four-decade history.

AvtoVAZ, which took its initial cues from Italian automaker Fiat and launched its LADA and domestic ZHIGULI brands in the 1970s, ultimately reached global stature from its single-model beginnings, with more than 27 million vehicles produced.

In the museum are many key models in that history. They include the VAZ-2101, the first model introduced in 1970 based on the Fiat 124, future iterations of the “people’s car” that could endure sub-zero temperatures and the Soviet Union’s rough roads, the LADA 2107 or Riva that had an impressive 29-year production run, and the electric LADA Oka, the Kalina Sport and the first joint Alliance car, the LADA Largus that President Vladimir Putin signed in a ceremony in April last year.

Enjoy this rare look at some classic LADA models, including the  at the AvtoVAZ Museum in Togliatti, Russia.

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