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Nissan Leaps to 5th in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brand Ranking

June 12 – Tokyo – Nissan surged to fifth in Interband’s Best Global Green Brand 2013, benefiting from the success of the LEAF electric vehicle.

Nissan, 21st in 2012, was the biggest riser among the top 50 brands ranked by the London-based consulting company, and one of four Japanese names in the top five.

Automakers featured strongly in Interbrand’s green fifty, with five of the leading 10 brands from the sector.

Alexander Murray, strategy director at Interbrand, said Japanese brands’ green power stems from the importance of environmental credentials domestically, while the LEAF electric vehicle is behind Nissan’s rapid progress.

“In Nissan’s case, you’ve got a great flagship product with the Nissan LEAF, which helps drive perceptions in many markets,” he said.

“We’re seeing many consumers make the association between Nissan’s environmental commitments and their own perceptions of the brand.”

With Interbrand’s survey taking environmental perceptions and performance into consideration, increasing LEAF sales and awareness could further aid momentum.

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