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DAYZ Ahead

May 22 – Mizushima, Okayama – With the Nissan DAYZ minicar now a reality, following two years of collaboration with Mitsubishi, Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga explained the partnership’s advantages for Nissan.

Media Center: How does it feel to finally see the DAYZ model?

Toshiyuki Shiga COO

This is really amazing, because this is one product, the Nissan DAYZ and the Mitsubishi eK Wagon. But also, I feel the DAYZ has a Nissan-ness, expressing the Nissan DNA and also the Nissan brand. The Mitsubishi eK Wagon is also Mitsubishi. I think that NMKV, the joint-venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, has done a very good job.


This is very efficient. We can enjoy the scale merit. Also, now, the Japanese market has increased especially for the kei market, and we can get a bigger presence.


Media Center: This day has been two years in the planning by NMKV. What impact do you expect from these four models on the kei car market?


In the last year, total TIV in the Japanese market was 5 million cars. The kei market occupied 40%, 2 million cars, and that’s growing, so the customer is really satisfied.

The product itself is evolving, with a good performance, better fuel-efficiency, and so on. If we depend on just buying OEM from the other competitors, it’s very difficult to compete.

NMKV has started from the beginning – the concept, the design, the product planning, and the development. So, maybe we can take some (market) presence – I am expecting that we will take a very strong presence. (MMC President) Masuko said that, together with Mitsubishi, Nissan wants to take 20% of the total kei market.

Media Center: What car aspects do you like best?


Actually, this is not only for the Japanese market, but also global – this is downsizing to be a more compact and a more fuel-efficient car. The kei car is a very good exercise for that.

It’s a very unique product for the Japanese market. The dimensions, the length, and the width are completely regulated, however, the roominess is good. Thanks to the taxation (rules), the cost of ownership is quite low compared with registered cars. I think that if there is no change in taxation and so on, this kei car market will expand more.

However, we at Nissan are also selling the Nissan Note, the Nissan March, and have many new products. So, I am really expecting we will continuously sell our registered car products, while we are increasing our sales for the kei car thanks to this project.

Media Center: This is a very unique partnership in the auto industry. Can you please speak to how important this partnership is for Nissan?


Thanks to NMKV and its (joint) cooperation, we can save development resources for developing the kei car. Mitsubishi has a long experience – more than 50 years – developing kei cars. Thanks to this cooperation, we can enhance our line up of kei cars, and we can also concentrate on our products.

This type of cooperation is quite good for enhancing the line up and providing better satisfaction to customers. And, we can concentrate on our strong areas – our core areas – with our resources.



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