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April 22 – Shanghai – In an Auto Shanghai 2013 interview, Nissan Motor Company design chief Shiro Nakamura explains how collaboration between the company’s global design centers helps to meet the needs of customers locally.

 Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura

We ask the China design center, U.S. design center, London design center to give us ideas, proposals, which means that all three centers that are outside of Japan have the same role.

This means that the Chinese design center is not only for the Chinese market, the Chinese design center is for Nissan globally.

For example, at the Nissan stand, we have the Friend-ME concept car. This is an original idea that was initiated by the design center in China, and then [they and] Nissan’s Japan design center worked together to create the final product.


We use Chinese people’s creativity, their knowledge or input from the markets. But basically we work as one team, as a global design team.

The people are really looking for new designs here in China. So we want to make the car satisfying for Chinese customers. But at the same time, it will satisfy [customers in places] other than the Chinese market.


So as a strong growing market, China has the power to influence other countries.

Infiniti is growing in China, so we are really expecting a lot of creative ideas from China.

On the Nissan side, as I have mentioned the Friend-ME. That is not a production model but this is one way we can make very new, advanced designs working together with Chinese people.

Particularly, Friend-ME is targeting young customers because in this country, the young generation is growing and they have a very different culture and mindset. It’s very new and very fresh. That kind of customer will create something completely new, and that’s why we created the Friend-ME.

Of course, [that applies] in Infiniti as well, and that kind of new culture or new generation may bring us new ideas and new concepts.

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