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Another World Record for Bolt: Biggest Indoor Ad

Feb. 5 – Dubai Usain Bolt, the “world’s fastest man” and Olympic sprint champion, is now truly larger than life.

An image of a double-sized Bolt is now prominently featured on a Nissan billboard at Dubai’s international airport.

The billboard’s dimensions were recognized today as a new Guinness World Record™ in an ad that shows Bolt, already a standout at 1.95m, over 4.1m even in a crouched position.

The mega-sized picture of Nissan’s Director of Excitement is one of a series currently placed in major international airports as part of Nissan’s “What IF_” global brand campaign.

The billboard, installed in Terminal 3 at the Dubai International, was recognized by Guinness World Records™ at a ceremony held today at the airport as “the largest illuminated advertising sign (indoors).”

Measuring 28.0m in length and 6.2m in height, with a surface area of 174m2, and with 183,024 white LEDs, it was unveiled with the latest Nissan ‘What IF_’ campaign artwork.

It is estimated that it would take the world’s fastest man the same time to run across the length of the ad as it takes a model year 2013 Nissan GT-R to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hour: 2.7 seconds.

Commenting on the new Guinness accolade, Usain Bolt said: “It is a pleasure being part of another world record and I continue breaking world records, because that’s what I do.”

Paul O’Neill, vice-president of Guinness, officially recognised Nissan’s backlit indoor advertising sign as the largest of its type in the world.

O’Neill presented Nissan, represented by Roel De-Vries, Global Marketing vice president and Atsuo Kosaka, managing director of Nissan Middle East, with a Guinness World Records™ certificate recognizing this feat.

A specially-commissioned commemorative plaque of the record was offered to His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, president of the Department of Civil Aviation, and Chairman of Dubai Airports.

“It felt natural for Nissan to choose Dubai International, one of the largest and most important airports in the world, as of one of the key locations for the deployment of our global brand campaign. Nissan is proud to have achieved a world record in Dubai, the city of so many world records,” said de-Vries.

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