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Viva Brazil

Nov. 25 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Infiniti and Sebastian Vettel punctuated a year to remember at the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday, with the premium brand announcing an extended sponsorship with Red Bull and the 25-year-old German clinching a third Drivers’ Championship

The team name will become Infiniti Red Bull Racing from next season, while the partnership will expand to a greater technology and engineering focus.

On the the circuit on Sunday, Vettel followed up the team’s earlier Constructors’ title with a sixth place finish in Brazil, ensuring he would become the youngest ever three-time winner.

Vettel won the world title by just 3 points after 20 races over Fernando Alonso, in a very close race result.

Fans loved the roller coaster ride in Brazil as well as in Vettel’s hometown of Heppenheim.

“Unbelievable! He did an excellent job. He was restrained when it counted, he held his position as was necessary. It was sensational. Despite him being shoved off, it was sensational. Awesome race, Sebastian. Congratulations on winning the world champion title,” said fan Christian Heller.

Kevin Taucher added: “It was a great race. Great race, goose bumps feeling. It was great. Just great.”

Maximilian Kaltstedt summed up many fans’ reactions:

“Wicked race! Wicked race! Super! We always knew that Vettel is a super driver in the rain. It was very tight at the end…But it was enough. And now we hit the acceleration pedal and party.”



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