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What’s a CME?

Coming from Singapore, which has a PM (Prime Minister), a ESM (Emeritus Senior Minister) and a MM (Minister Mentor), a public transport system called the MRT and roads paved with ERPs – I’m no stranger to the world of acronyms, so it feels quite natural to slip into another world that is just as fond of using ciphers.

At Nissan, as well as our CEO Carlos Ghosn, and COO Toshiyuki Shiga, we also have CPO (Chief Performance Officer) Colin Dodge, who was most recently our CRO (Chief Recovery Officer).

And now, in the deep lexicon of our corporate acronyms, we’ve added one more: CME or Chief Marketability Engineer.

The position, possibly unique to Nissan, involves improving design and development to better match customer’s needs.

Coming into the new role with more than two decades of vehicle design and engineering experience, Jerry Hardcastle, visited the Global Media Center recently and tells us what’s under a CME’s hood.

For full transcript of Jerry’s interview, click here.

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