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High-Octave Fuel

Nov. 13 – Yokohama – Zero Emission and Pure Drive technologies are powering vehicles today, but at this Yokohama track all you need is your voice and an iPhone.

With the world’s first voice-controlled racing iPhone game app, drivers can propel a model Nissan Fairlady Z towards the finish line.

In cooperation with Nissan, a Voice Driver production team held a Japan Grand Prix at the automaker’s Global Headquarters.

Both young and old, high- and low-pitched powered their cars – by a decibel-driven motor.

“I’m not very used to speaking loudly so it was difficult,” said one young contestant.

“I am glad I won,” he added as he clutched his prize, a yellow remote-controlled Fairlady Z model car.

Even mothers join in the fun.

“It was great fun,” said another contestant, “I never thought I’d come first. I didn’t think I’d make it.”




For those who missed the Japan event, a 24-hour Voice Driver World Grand Prix will be held on-line Saturday (Nov. 17), and the fastest lap time wins the race.

“We will do this race for the entire 24 hours,” said Takashi Murai of Kayac Inc. and technical director for the Voice Driver Cup.


“If you access the website, you can log in from your PC, facebook or twitter. You can remotely operate a car on a track in a studio from where you are, in real time,” said Murai.

So, gentlemen – and ladies, start your virtual engines, and get ready to make some noise!

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