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Nissan DeltaWing’s Gunnar Jeannette on Petit Le Mans Crash

Nissan DeltaWing driver Gunnar Jeannette on Wednesday’s accident at the Road Atlanta track.

Gunnar Jeannette:

“Not the best of practice sessions, unfortunately, for our little Nissan DeltaWing.

Everything was going well. Lucas (Ordonez) had a good run. All of the changes that we’ve been making have been positive. Unfortunately, I followed a GTC car through 10A and 10B, and in following a car expected that he saw me, and had a run on him going, exiting 10B before the bridge, (then) pulled, basically, almost completely past. He had cut over to probably try to take the apex from not seeing me, and made heavy contact with the left rear of our car, which sent me for a bit of a ride.

I’ve always dreamed of being a test pilot – but not in a race car.

So, luckily, the guys have built a very strong car and I think while the damage looks to be bad in photographs of the car, it took the impact quite well. So we have all the spare parts to fix it, and we have an excellent crew that is already going to work, and almost has all the damaged parts off of it already.”


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