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Moscow Auto Salon: A Tier Above

Aug. 30 – Moscow – The Moscow International Automobile Salon reflects the nation’s rising economic fortunes and the importance global carmakers place on success here, with booths underscoring the rapid ascension of the Russian show to the tops of the global ranks.

Nissan’s Francois Bancon, deputy division general manager for Nissan Motor and a keen industry observer and commentator, looks at how the Moscow event is evolving and what to expect ahead.

Moscow International Automobile Salon:

This environment tells you the story of the Moscow auto salon: a very high-quality execution. The LED display, the way they communicate the brand with some tagline, with some entertainment and some quality execution, tell you that this show is becoming a Tier 1 show, comparable with Geneva, Frankfurt, Tokyo or any other big place in the world. On top of this, in this professional environment, all the cars in the world are here and available.

Nissan Juke

We are close to the Juke, and this is not by chance. This is our No.1 selling car in this country, and I selected this car as background for the Moscow motor show because it tells what Russia is about. People love high-personality products, they love creative products, they are ready to disrupt any category, and this is good. The whole show is about this.

Compared to the previous year, or two to three years ago, you are in a very, very creative environment. Of course, there are not so many dedicated products for Russia – not yet, but the level is rising and signs of high-personality signature are visible all around the place.

Lada X-Ray

This is a sign. Lada is more than 40% of the market share in a very entry-price segment in this country. They used to make mainstream products, to use an elegant word, and they did this car, which is a sign reflecting the overall mindset and behavior in this country. They are going to jump into modernity, making a very good execution.

The X-Ray is a very good crossover, compact execution. There is nothing new in the concept; we have Juke, we have Qashqai – we were the pioneer for this. But the fact that a company such as Lada can express its brand personality through its product is a sign this market is growing up.

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