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A Taste of Rio

Aug. 3 – London – The 259 athletes of Team Brazil, supported by Nissan, enjoy a little home-cooking at London’s Crystal Palace, the team’s training ground and temporary home of the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

Renowned Brazilian chef Roberta Sudbrack is the first culinary master to prepare athletes’ meals, albeit in a different style than her signature eatery in Rio, ranked one of the world’s best restaurants. Salads, rice and beans, picadinho de carne (beef and mandioca root), brigadeiros (chocolate fudge) are just some of the dishes she prepares.

Here’s what Sudbrack had to say when she caught up with the Global Media Center in London:

Chef Roberta Sudbrack:

The kind of food we make here is a kind of homemade food, like the food of my grandmother and the food that the athletes eat at home. We try to bring Brazil to the Olympics Games and feed the athletes with the kind of food that makes them feel comfortable and near to Brazil.

We are using the best ingredients we found here in the United Kingdom.

Chef Sudbrack talks with Nissan Brazil executives at Crystal Palace

It’s great to see the smile on the faces of the athletes. They arrive to eat and they say “Oh, we have rice and beans!” And things like that.

We start early in the morning and then the day before we have preparations, but we finish everything the day it’s served. We try to keep the artisanal way of doing things so the food has a flavor. So maybe it’s 10 times more work to do, but we try to keep this flavor.

They didn’t talk to me about 2016, but we are here, we are making a good job, we’re making it with heart. Brazilian food has this kind of thing, the heart and the passion, it’s very important to make food in Brazil. We’re doing this here, so let’s see what happens.


Coco Masters

Producer, Global Media Center


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