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More Notes on the Note

Ahead of the launch of the Japanese market version of the new Nissan Note this fall, Chief Product Specialist Mie Minakuchi discusses the spacious hatchback and its customers.

Q1. What are the aims for the Nissan Note?

Mie Minakuchi, Chief Product Specialist:

The new Note

The new Note is central to Nissan’s product lineup. To let our customers experience Nissan through a car people can use everyday we have improved the Note’s distinctive features and developed a more balanced product.

In mature markets, compact vehicles are often used as the household’s primary car — a tool for everyday life. We have responded to customer feedback to make a car that is both highly functional and attractive to many people.

We have in mind customers who want to use the new Note to help them enjoy and enrich their everyday lives. The potential for compact vehicles is increased by improving their fundamental qualities and, consequently, we wanted to make a car that can be the customer’s favorite tool.

Q2. How does the new Note compare to the current model?


Nissan Note premiere

The biggest improvement in the new Note is fuel efficiency, an indispensable requirement for a compact vehicle. The new model achieves improved fuel economy in both official tests and in real-world driving without compromising the driving experience.

Engine downsizing is another important point. For the new Note, Nissan has combined a supercharged 1.2-liter Miller-cycle engine with a variety of advanced technologies, such as direct injection and idling-stop systems. The result is weight and space savings that aid fuel efficiency.

We also expect the new Note’s interior to be well-received by customers. For the new model, we have combined a very spacious cabin with a stylish design and excellent aerodynamic performance.

Q3. Which features you are especially pleased with?


Inside the new Nissan Note

We have adopted new, advanced equipment that’s useful for everyday driving. For example, Nissan’s Around View Monitor has been introduced for the first time in a compact vehicle. Convenient and reassuring, Around View Monitor is hard to live without once you’ve used it. You can see for yourself when you use it, especially if you’re reversing on a dark night or it’s a rainy day when you don’t want to open the window.

The Around View Monitor is one of many features that increases the new Note’s versatility. The car is filled with other various ideas, which benefit customers. The idling stop system, Around View Monitor and the supercharger are just some examples of this. We hope customers will experience and enjoy the new Nissan Note.

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