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Nissan Visits Elite Blue Angels for Future Sports Car Innovation

July 13 – Pensacola, Fla.– The U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration team, better known as the Blue Angels, likes to go faster than most people will ever go.

Nissan's team takes inspiration from the Blue Angels

Today, the squadron flies the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet and the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules, and the pilots know every inch of their aircraft, so they can make loops and rolls in the air like acrobats.

It’s why a group of product planners and designers from the global car company, Nissan, arranged to meet the Blue Angels at their hanger in Pensacola, Fla.

“We were gathering inspiration, taking ideas, that is going to shape the future development of our products,” said Nissan product planner Jared Haslam.

Learning about speed from the Blue Angels

Nissan’s team asked members of the Blue Angels to tell them what matters most when it comes to their jets. Blue Angels pilot John Hiltz said it’s all about accessing technology easily and efficiently.

“The easier it is to interface with whatever it is you are flying or driving, it just makes the driving experience that much more pleasurable and also that much more comfortable,” said Hiltz.

Nissan knows about speed and so do the Blue Angels. Now Nissan plans to learn more about fighter jet interface and about accomplishing fighter jet speeds.

Taking their turn in the Nissan GT-R

“A lot of the things that they do in the cockpit are things that we can pull in and help our drivers and our customers do inside the car,” said Haslam.

Eric Vandamme is a Blue Angels Airframe Structural Mechanic. He lives to make machines fly but not always in the sky. He builds his own hot-rods when he is away from work.

“Nissan has always been a front-runner in the edgy go-fast department, and what better place to come out and get better insight than an edgy go-fast command,” said Blue Angels airframe structural mechanic Eric Vandamme. “If I’m not working on an aircraft, I am probably either in the gym or in the garage.”

While Nissan’s team studied the jets, Nissan let the Blue Angels try out the Nissan GT-R. Vandamme now wants his own GT-R.

Expect to see innovation from the visit brought to life in future Nissan sports car

“If I had the keys to the jet I would trade you,” said Vandamme. “The GT-R is an incredibly quick car, and it’s an incredibly high performing machine. So to put those two together is just a natural thing to do,” said Haslam.

Nissan’s team said that people can expect to see innovation from the visit with the Blue Angels brought to life in future Nissan sports cars.

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