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June 15- Le Mans, France – Lucas Ordonez, a GT Academy Season 1 winner and member of the Le Mans LMP2 podium team in 2011, is back for another year with Greaves Motorsport, but will be challenged by fellow GT Academy winner Jordan Tresson, driving for Signatech Nissan.

The Global Media Center spoke at Le Mans with the Spanish and French drivers, who rose from PlayStation gaming to compete in one of motorsports’ greatest tests of driving endurance.

Lucas Ordonez – 27, Spanish, 2011 LMP2 Rookie of the Year, Nissan PlayStation GT Academy Winner:

First of all it is fantastic to be here in Le Mans 24 Hours for a second time. After winning GT Academy, this is a fantastic opportunity again. Last year we finished second in the podium in the LMP2 class, and it’s going to be hard to do it again or improve  on this threshold, but we are here to do it. Nissan is doing a great job in growing GT Academy, in growing Nisan DeltaWing, and with 11 engines in LMP2 class, so I think we have the year to make it with Greaves Motorsport.

It’s a winning team with Martin and Alex Brundle. To have Martin Brundle as a teammate is really special, as it’s a great opportunity and I’m learning a lot with him. He’s really professional – in and out of the car. He’s helping me a lot, to push me, or to learn from his feedback to the engineers. It’s been a great year for me, a great opportunity, and we are in good shape to try to win this Le Mans 24 hours.

Jordan Tresson – 24, French, Nissan PlayStation Academy Winner:

I’m looking forward to the race. We still have two test sessions to come, and the goal is to be as ready as possible for the race. I still have to find some of my breaking points, and I’m still not very happy with certain moments. It is important tonight to find the reference to have a good performance in the car and to be quick and consistent  also, and the goal will be to be on top of the podium at Sunday at 3 p.m.

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