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F1 Driver Mark Webber in a Race Against Gravity

June 7 – Montreal – In the second of Infiniti’s ‘Inspired Performers’ series, Red Bull racing driver and Monaco Grand Prix winner Mark Webber swapped skills this week, learning how to sky dive in Montreal, ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, from professional skydiver and stuntman Jon DeVore.

Fresh from his Monaco win, Webber spent the first part of the day in a wind tunnel with DeVore showing him the tips and tricks of free-falling.

From there, they proceeded to a nearby race track where the Australian taught the Red Bull Air Race star the art of performance driving aboard an Infiniti G37S.


The climax of the day’s exchange of skills came when the two inspired performers met head-to-head in a speed- and gravity-defying stunt.

Webber pitched his high-speeed driving skills against DeVore, who leapt from a helicopter, to see who can complete the same distance the fastest.

Webber’s skydive with DeVore follows Sebastian Vettel’s Kung Fu movie ‘Drive of the Dragon’, with martial arts Hollywood actress Celina Jade.


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