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“LEAF to Home” Residential Power System

The LEAF to Home power supply system, on sale at Nissan dealerships in Japan from mid-June, effectively turns the LEAF into a backup electricity supply for residential homes.

The EV Power Supply system, developed by Nichicon

The system can come to the rescue in the event of a blackout or other emergency. And it can even save owners money by charging the LEAF’s batteries during the night when prices are cheap, then draining them during the day when demand (and electricity prices) are highest.

At the heart of LEAF to Home is a EV Power Supply System developed by Nichicon. The large suitcase-sized unit is a two-way charger capable of both fully charging a LEAF in just four hours (half the time of an ordinary charger) and also supplying a home’s electricity distribution panel from a LEAF’s high-capacity batteries.

Fully-charged, the lithium-ion batteries in a  LEAF store up to 24kWh of electricity – plenty to power the average Japanese household for two full days.

Left to Right: Nissan SVP Masaaki Nishizawa, Nichicon Chairman and CEO Ippei Takeda, Nissan CVP Hideaki Watanabe

With the aid of Japanese government subsidies, the system is expected to cost 330,000 yen. It can be installed outdoors and conforms to the CHAdeMo protocol for EV quick chargers. We covered CHAdeMO a few days ago here.

The intelligent system monitors the household’s electricity consumption then stores and supplies accordingly. By smoothing out the peaks and troughs of electricity consumption, LEAF to Home can make home energy use both more efficient and economical.

Here’s some footage from our visit to the launch event today.


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