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Interview with CHAdeMO Association Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga

Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan Chief Operating Officer and CHAdeMo Association Chairman, spoke with the Global Media Center about the current status and outlook for the quick charging protocol at the Association’s general conference in Tokyo.

Q: What are the current numbers for the CHAdeMO protocol?


In March 2010, the CHAdeMO Association began its work, not just in Japan but around the globe, focusing on the high-speed charger roll out. There are now over 1,000 high-speed units in Japan and over 300 overseas. It’s growing and there are 32 companies making the chargers now, so to get this far in just two years makes me very happy.

At the meeting today, we discussed further popularization of CHAdeMO. Our ultimate goal is standardization of the CHAdeMO protocol and wide-spread adoption of EVs through infrastructure development. We will go towards that goal.



Q: A different charging technology has been talked about recently. What is your future outlook?


As a quick charger, we now have only the CHAdeMO protocol existing in the world and it’s spreading globally. We must not slow down this trend.

Popularization of EVs is a major issue that people need to address as a global environmental answer to resource and energy issues. It’s important that the whole industry is united to work on high-speed charger standardization to promote EVs around the world.

At the conference today, I expressed my determination to further advance discussions for charger standardization.

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