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Kung Fu Vettel Drive of the Dragon

May 11, 2011 – Beijing, China – “Kung Fu Vettel Drive of the Dragon” introduces martial artist and Hollywood actress Celina Jade in the first of a series of ‘Inspired Performances’ alongside Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull Racing teammate Mark Webber.

Produced by Red Bull Racing partner Infiniti, the “Inspired Performer” series will run throughout 2012 and bring together great talents who, like Seb and Mark, have become leaders in their respective fields through hard work, dedication and commitment, giving them the chance to experience each other’s disciplines to show them as never before.

The short film has been devised to bring the world of Formula One and China’s iconic martial arts together as one, and as Celina and Seb now know, both require very similar skills -control, balance and mental focus to maximize the performance, whether that’s a qualifying lap or a high-energy fight scene.

Infiniti, Management

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