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Big Plans in Beijing

CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled the all-new Sylphy sedan at the Beijing auto show on Monday, as Nissan builds on its number one ranking among Japanese car makers in China, the world’s largest vehicle market.

Watch a video of the press conference below:

CEO Carlos Ghosn

Good morning.

For the third year in a row, China is the stage for a Nissan world premiere.

In 2010 at the Guangzhou show, we revealed the Nissan Sunny. Today, more than 10,000 customers each month purchase the Sunny in China. Globally, this vehicle is now the leading compact sedan in its class, with sales of 220,000 last year.

In 2011 at the Shanghai show, the Nissan Tiida made its world debut and every month in China we sell over 10,000 units of this successful vehicle.

And this year we will introduce another new global car … a sedan that will assume an even greater global significance.

This new sedan will be sold in 120 countries around the world, and by 2014, will account for over 550,000 sales per year.

We will produce this sedan here in China at the recently expanded Dongfeng Nissan Huadu plant in Guangzhou. With a capacity of 600,000 units a year, the Huadu plant is not only our largest global plant, but one that consistently achieves the highest standards of quality and productivity.

In nine years, Nissan sales in China have grown to 1.2 million units annually. Today, China is Nissan’s largest market … a market where we sell a quarter of all the Nissan vehicles sold worldwide.

Customers in China have made Nissan the leading Asian manufacturer in this market. This year we expect to sell 1.35 million vehicles … and by 2015 our goal is to sell 2 million vehicles annually, earning a 10% share of the market and making Nissan one of the top three passenger car brands in China during the period of our mid-term plan.

In addition to the many new products you can buy today, we are also showcasing how the Nissan brand will continue to deliver innovation and excitement for everyone, long into the future.

The PIVO 3 is Nissan’s latest electric vehicle concept – an ultra-compact EV that uses our innovative technologies to deliver a unique mobility experience.

Advanced in-wheel motors eliminate the need for conventional vehicle platform and powertrain architecture. And while PIVO 3 is parked and waiting for you, it can either recharge or supply excess power back to the grid. And given the signal from your mobile phone, PIVO 3 comes to pick you up.

For performance enthusiasts, the Nissan Esflow concept unites 100%-electric vehicle technology and Nissan’s long experience in producing exciting sports cars.

Zero to 100km/hour in under 5 seconds, Nissan Esflow is pure eco-exhilaration in a two-seater. With twin-electric motors powering the rear-wheels, Esflow delivers traditional sports car fun with the linear power delivery unique to EVs.

And finally, fresh from its debut in New York, we are proud to show a very special addition to the Nissan range – the NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow. Chosen by the City of New York to be their next generation taxi, we bring innovation and excitement to one of the most iconic vehicles in the world.

Turning back to the present, let me now show you the latest Nissan product for China and the world. Ladies and Gentlemen….the new Nissan Sylphy.

For this third generation Sylphy, we focused on creating a premium quality sedan in a compact size. The new Sylphy brings upscale features such as dual-zone air conditioning, intelligent key and push-button ignition combined with more interior room and more storage space built on an all-new high-stiffness frame.

Powering the new Sylphy is our latest generation 1.8-litre gasoline engine combined with our new Xtronic CVT. This latest advancement in Nissan PureDrive technologies is lighter and more compact that previous generations of CVT, yet achieves greater efficiency and a wider gear ratio range. We are confident that our customers in China will appreciate the best global technology from Nissan.

As with all our products made and sold in China, the new Sylphy is another example of our formula for success – combining Dongfeng’s deep local knowledge with Nissan’s global product development and engineering expertise. The new Sylphy is just one example of what our partnership can produce. And there will be many more to come.

To tell you more about the new Sylphy, I would like to introduce Mr Ren Yong, vice president of Dongfeng Motor Company Limited.

Ren Yong, VP, Dongfeng Nissan

Since its birth, Sylphy has been a pioneer in the mid-size sedan segment – this family car redefined the segment. Delivering excellent performance, Sylphy became the benchmark for the mid-size sedan segment and has turned in total sales of 500,000 units.

The all-new Sylphy goes beyond the expectations of consumers. The refined design of the new Sylphy leads the trend and will surprise and delight our customers. Sylphy offers luxuriousness and comfort in a spacious interior. Sylphy has the same bionics seat as that of Teana, dual zone air conditioning, push-engine start and intelligent key design.

The safety features of Sylphy are at the same level as luxury cars, with the UHSS body made from high tensile steel of 980Mpa. The best balance of comfort and smoothness has been achieved with the upgraded anti-shock suspension system and PURE DRIVE technologies represented by the MRA8DE engine and new intelligent CVT.

Economical and clean mobility is provided with PURE DRIVE technologies and the newly developed “Eco Drive Assistant.” Raising the standard of development to the level of luxury cars, the all-new Sylphy also is equipped with the technologies found in luxury cars. The car satisfies the needs of middle class elites and their families and offers “one class above” values to them.

I believe that the all-new Sylphy is the best mid-size sedan ever in the market with its upgraded technologies, high quality and cost competitiveness. It will create a new era for the segment. Today, we are starting to take orders for the all-new Sylphy 1.8L, priced between 150,000 to 170,000 yuan.

SHIFT_ … This is the theme not only for the all-new Sylphy, but for Dongfeng Nissan. We shifted ourselves in the first quarter of this year. Our sales totaled 220,000 units, an increase of 16% compared to the same period last year.

Our flagship, Teana, is leading the segment with sales of 35,000 units. Tiida is at the top of the hatchback segment with sales of 44,000 units. Sunny leads the entry mid-class segment – 100,000 yuan range – with sales of 42,000 units. And, we just launched Qashqai 2012 to ensure our lead position in the city SUV market. Our success lies in the company’s innovative structure.

The dual-brand operation between Nissan and Venucia has started. We have built a solid foundation for volume of 1 million with 4 manufacturing sites in 3 regions. We established 4 regions which are closer to consumers in order to react to the market more quickly. Our tagline is “SHIFT_” But it’s much more than just a tagline. It’s a very real approach to how we view doing business. It means we’re meeting customer needs by offering a better quality of service and multi-functional value chains.

We’re building on our commitment to service today. I would like to announce that we are starting the 3-year / 100,000 km warranty policy for all models of Nissan and Venucia. We are challenging the 1 million sales target this year by enhancing our competitiveness.

In current market conditions, with your support, I believe we will continue contributing to the bright future of the Chinese automobile industry.

Thank you.


Camille Lim
Producer, Nissan Global Media Center

Cars, Management, Motor Shows, People

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