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CEO Ghosn Confident of Leading Role in China

April 23 – Beijing – Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn spoke with the Global Media Center on Monday after unveiling the new Nissan Sylphy at Auto China 2012 in Beijing.

Q1. We are speaking at the Beijing motor show in China, Nissan’s largest global market. How do you see the country contributing to meeting the growth and sales goals ahead?

CEO Carlos Ghosn:

CEO Ghosn unveils the new Nissan Sylphy for the Chinese market

It’s very important, because China is our largest market and it represents 25% of our total sales. It’s also part of the most profitable sales that we do globally, so we watch very carefully what is happening in the Chinese market.

I’m optimistic in what will take place in 2012 and beyond, because even though for the last quarter we have seen stable sales overall for the industry in China, I still forecast 5-6% growth in sales in 2012. And this rhythm of between 5-10% growth in sales will continue for the foreseeable future, so China should continue to do well, and with this we should continue to contribute to the evolution of the Chinese market, and benefit from it.

Q2. How is the strategic alliance with Dongfeng developing and what is on the horizon?


I think this is one of the reasons we are so successful in China, is that we found a partner with whom we have a great understanding.  The fact that we are bringing the technology, we are bringing the capability, we are bringing the knowhow of the industry.

They are bringing very good knowledge of the Chinese market, the way of doing business in China. This synergy between the two partners has brought a lot of dividends.

We have been extremely fortunate to have a great partner and it shows in our results.  We moved in 2002 from 70,000-80,000 sales a year to more than 1.2 million last year. It’s also due to the fact this partnership works very well.

Q3. Nissan now has three brands for the Chinese market – Nissan, Infiniti and Venucia. How is Nissan positioned to meet the full range of Chinese consumer demands?


Nissan and Dongfeng executives with the Venucia D50 at its public sales launch

China is an 18 million car market – the largest market in the world. I don’t think we can meet the needs of all the consumers with one brand.

That’s why we decided to have three brands in China, with a very specific role for each of them- Infiniti as a luxury brand, Nissan covering most of the needs of the consumer, and Venucia for the people looking particularly for an affordable car.

In fact, having Infiniti, Nissan and Venucia, we have three brands covering all the markets, and I think we are going to play a leading role in the Chinese market.


Camille Lim

Nissan Global Media Center

Management, Motor Shows

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