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Designer Kinichi Saito discusses the new Nissan Sylphy

In the second of our interviews looking at the development of Nissan’s all-new global sedan, unveiled as Sylphy at the Beijing auto show, we discuss the vehicle with chief designer Kinichi Saito.

Q1. What can you tell us about the packaging of the new Sylphy?

Product Chief Designer Saito:

Inside the new Sylphy

We believe that having the best packaging is very important in making a sedan that will be well accepted globally.

Is the packaging of the passenger cabin space made right? Is the trunk capacity big enough? These are the important points of functionality that need to be incorporated into the car, but at the same time, the design must be very stylish.

To fulfill these requirements was very important and stimulating. I think that was the first thing that struck me about this project. We wanted this car to offer a high-quality, innate luxury experience.

Q2. What about the exterior?


The most important element of the exterior appearance is the front face, especially the headlights. We’ve used LED lights, which is very rare in this class.

We would like to highlight the great effort that we’ve put into designing the expression of the “eyes” (headlights) – which we call “eye appeal”.

The all-new Nissan Sylphy

From the side view, you will notice the bulge of the front fender, which runs in a straight line to the sides of the body and all the way to the rear combination lamps. It has an extremely dynamic feel and conveys that the vehicle will run very smoothly. And, while the body contains substantial cabin space, it also has a low profile, and a very stylish look.

The rear combination lamps are composed of 15 LEDs. The gleam of the rear lamps gives the car a high-quality, futuristic look.

The design of the bumper is intended to give the car a deliberately low and wide appearance.

Q3. How about the interior?


The interior design emphasizes the car’s spaciousness and brings peace of mind to the passengers. Also, its high quality feel. You’ll probably agree it has a finely crafted appearance. We’ve made this a major point of the design.

Q4. How would you summarize the all-new global sedan?


A side view of the new Sylphy

We started out with the expectation that we were designing Nissan’s new sedan – a sedan that would incorporate aspects from all around us and from a global perspective.

In many ways, we went back to square one and balanced functionality, customer needs, and many other demands that are not comparable to just basic styling. Yet we have produced and developed this car within a set price range.

I hope that its innovative and emotional design, with which Nissan aims to reach out and touch people’s hearts, will bring joy to each and every one of our customers.

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