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Chief Product Specialist Toru Komizo on Nissan’s All-New Global Sedan

Ahead of the premiere of Nissan’s all-new global sedan, shown as Sylphy at the Beijing auto show, we discuss the new model with its chief product specialist Toru Komizo.

Q1. What are your goals with the new sedan?

Komizo CPS:

Nissan's All-New Global Sedan

Amid a competitive operating environment, we kept in mind the things needed for a global C-segment sedan, such as its size and specifications.

When we did our research, we found out that C-segment sedan customers are smart buyers; they are confident when they make their choice.

Q2. What qualities does the new car have?

Komizo CPS:

It must have a large body for its class, but also top-level fuel efficiency.

A couple of things we tried to keep in mind: will the customer feel a sense of quality when sitting in the driver’s seat or when touching the interior? Are the features just right?

While in the mainstream, this car requires the performance and the features that encourage customers to choose it. The balance between performance and features is very important. I think the key phrase here is “half a step ahead.”

Q3. How is this demonstrated?

Komizo CPS:

Interior of Nissan's All-New Global Sedan

For example, this is true of the size of the design. If you take the roominess of the rear seats, it is as good as the competitors in the D-segment. The noise level is just as quiet.

Areas like the position of the windshield wipers, the impression that a customer gets from opening the hood – these areas were designed to give a D-segment feel.

The fuel economy is as efficient as that in B-segment. I’m sure that customers will feel that they have made an excellent choice.


Q4. To what extent is this a global project?

Komizo CPS:

Our regional partners have recognized that this is a terrific car and strongly insisted that they could sell many of them. This pushed us to set a higher goal.

So, in that sense, this car brought together not only the monozukuri function but also the marketing and communication functions. With this project, and by working together with our regional partners, I really feel that we are confidently making progress.

Q5. What feedback do you expect from customers?

Komizo CPS:

CPS Komizo testing a prototype of the new sedan

It will be easy for customers to see the appeal of this car by looking at brochures, TV commercials or the actual car at the dealership. They will instantly recognize its elegant exterior. But, when they sit inside the car, they will marvel at its roominess. And by taking a test drive, they will notice its quietness. Finally, after purchase, they will certainly notice its excellent fuel efficiency.

Because we’ve achieved all of this, I’m sure our customers will be very satisfied with this car and I also feel confident in delivering this car to the world.

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