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Indonesia’s Marquee Models

While covering Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s recent trip to Indonesia, the Global Media Center took time out to visit one of the bigger car dealerships in Jakarta.

The capital makes up almost 50% of all vehicles sales in the country, which surpassed Thailand as the largest automotive market in the Asean region for the first time in 2011, with industrywide sales hitting 890,000 vehicles.

Indonesia, with steady economic growth and a large and growing population of 238 million, is expected to be an even bigger market ahead for Nissan, which has identified the country as one of its key growth markets.

We asked our dealers which models are popular with customers and the kind of features they’re looking for when buying a car.

Q1. What is the most popular Nissan model in Indonesia right now?

Dudy Rudyana, Bogur branch manager:

Grand Livina is one of the mostpopular of Nissan products here in Indonesia. Our model represents capacity, so it’s a 7-seater. They need more space for their children and their family.

Lucy Suzanne, Jakarta branch manager:

Formerly, before Grand Livina was launched, we only sold, in my dealership, around 20 units, and when the Grand Livina launched, it became 100 a month, only in my dealership. Until now, the Grand Livina is still a backbone [of sales] for our dealership and takes about 60% of our market share.

Q2:  Are there any other Nissan models that Indonesian customers particularly like?

Lucy Suzanne, Jakarta branch manager:

The Juke is now a very famous and popular car in Indonesia because it’s stylish, it’s a new model and it’s futuristic. It has its special customers, such as young executives, and students sometimes also buy the Juke.

Dani Munajat, Jakarta area coordinator:

The customers come to the showroom, and the more the customers test-drive the Nissan Juke, it’s becomes very interesting for the customers. He likes and he will buy the car.






Camille Lim

Producer, Nissan Global Media Center

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