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Global Media Center Interview with CVP Sakamoto

Following the announcement of Nissan Common Family Module prototype on February 27, Hideyuki Sakamoto, CVP for Alliance common platform and components, discussed the new system with the Global Media Center.

1. What is the thinking behind the development of the Nissan Common Family Module (CMF) prototype?

CVP Sakamoto: We felt that today’s way of platform-based development limits our capability to reinforce the attractiveness of new vehicles. Even in developing countries, competition is getting more and more severe. [Finding ways] to increase the attractiveness of our vehicles is mandatory to win the game even in developing countries.

So, to do that we have to find some solutions against the contradiction of creating uniqueness in each model and, at the same time, having to create a big degree of commonality to get the volume effect. We concluded that we should go with the Common Family Module way.

CVP Hideyuki Sakamoto explaining Nissan Common Family Module prototype to the media

2. If Nissan CMF were to become a reality, what kind of impact could it have in terms of Nissan’s design and production efficiency?

CVP Sakamoto: The newly developed 4+1 development way will bring us big benefits. One of the benefits is cost reduction per vehicle or parts reduction per vehicle, which will be around 27%.

As for the manufacturing investment for the production, we will reduce it by approximately 28%. Finally D&D (Design and Development) costs will be reduced by 29% as all the improvements in development efficiency will bring us big benefits.

Camille Lim

Producer, Nissan Global Media Center

Cars, Design, Production

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