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CVP Tagawa on Nissan’s Financial Results

After revealing Nissan’s latest financial results today, Nissan Corporate Vice President Joji Tagawa stopped by the Global Media Center to discuss the company’s performance.

Nissan Corporate Vice President Joji Tagawa

Details of the results can be found here and the press conference video can be watched here.

Q1: You are the CVP responsible for investor relations at Nissan and have just announced third-quarter financial results. What are the highlights of today’s announcement?

CVP Tagawa: I think as an absolute result of sales profit and revenue, our results were all solid. The year 2011 was a challenging one, because of the earthquake, yen appreciation, Thai flooding and European debt crisis and our competitors’ results have been pretty tough. Somebody made a profit warning or one of the lowest levels of performance. So, on a relative basis, our results were outstanding.

CVP Joji Tagawa in the media scrum after announcing third quarter results

Q2: Why do you think Nissan has been able to deliver these strong results this quarter, compared to others in the industry and what does this suggest about Nissan’s full-year results?


A2. I think this is coming from the combination of leadership and focus by our executive management, dedicated work done by employees all over the world, and coordinated job and work and action on a cross-regional, cross-functional and even cross-company basis, including subsidiaries, affiliates, and business partners — and maybe a little bit of luck!

I think our investors are comparing our results not only against Japanese peers but also against European and Korean peers, too. So, we have much to do from here on out. But I feel confident that as long as we continue to deliver results in line with Nissan Power 88 plan we should get positive feedback.

With respect to our full-year forecast, as the progress up to date, in terms of sales and profit are strong, I also feel confident that we should be able to deliver the results as we forecast.

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