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China’s Inside Story on the Nissan Teana

You’ll never see your Nissan in quite the same way again after this sculpture by Dutch artist Paul Veroude.

Journey In Motion by Paul Veroude

To make the “Journey In Motion” installation, Veroude and his team disassembled a Nissan Teana down to the very last nut and bolt, then painstakingly suspended the thousands of parts by wire from the ceiling. Veroude describes his creations as “exploded cars”, but they reminded me of the plastic kit models I made as a child. Of course, I never tried one with quite this many parts.

The sculpture has been on display since January 12th and is part of Nissan’s Innovation Tour in southern China. It is 5.7m long, 6.6m wide, and 6.1m high. Veroude was careful not to damage any of the parts, as they could – in theory at least –  be reassembled into a working car at any time.

This is what he wrote in the exhibition pamphlet:

“The whole experience has been like a journey for me and my team: like an exploration as we have moved through the car dismantling it, and then by reassembling it, part by part, until every nut and bolt was hanging by its own individual wire, and all still retaining the shape of the original Teana car. I had to make specially engineered cradles to hold many of the parts, but this was absolutely correct, as the car is so beautifully made and crafted, so it was only what the car deserved.”

Ren Yong, Vice President of Dongfeng Nissan, invited Veroude to make the piece, and said a Nissan Teana was chosen because it is one of Nissan’s most popular cars in China.

“We are used to putting parts together to make a car, so now we have invited an artist to take these parts apart and present them in a very creative, impactful way,” he told us. “This embodies what innovation means to us.”

Lastly, kudos to our nimble videographer, Anthony Trotter, who managed to capture the installation without turning it into a gigantic Newton’s cradle.

Tony McNicol
Global Media Center

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