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Interviews: Nissan LEAF Cold Test

Last week, in the frosty northern climes of Hokkaido, journalists tested the performance of the Nissan LEAF for the first time in snow and freezing temperatures.

Media spent three days on three test courses – pylon slalom, skid pad and country road – to observe firsthand the behavior of the LEAF on the snow, and the effect of the cold on its battery.

Central to the reporting done by the Global Media Center were four sources – two from Nissan and two invited journalists. Hitoshi Kadota, Nissan’s Chief Vehicle Engineer, explained battery function and his expectations of test drives. Three others gave their impressions and analysis of the drives, following a spin on one or more of the courses.

Please see below for full the full interviews.


Hidetoshi Kadota
Nissan Chief Vehicle Engineer

Hiroyoshi Kato
Nissan Technical Meister

Yasuo Kusakabe
Chairman of Automotive Journalists Association of Japan

Takayuki Kinoshita
Racing driver and automotive journalist

Coco Masters

Producer,  Nissan Global Media Center


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