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Some Sporty Skylines

Attention Skyline fans.

Back in December we blogged on the first part of this exhibition at Nissan’s Global Headquarters, which highlighted the series’ 55-year history. Now we’ll look at some of the sedans in the latest display.

The Skyline is ground level at Nissan's Global HQ in Yokohama

In the spotlight – the Prince Skyline Sport.

Only 60  coupés and convertibles were made, and this was the first Japanese car with a design commissioned from abroad. (Some techniques developed in production were later used with the Prince Royal, the official car of the Japanese Imperial Household.)

1962 Prince Skyline Sport

1962 Skyline sports coupe

The second-generation S50 was light, agile, and a complete contrast to the large American car styling of the first Skyline. The sealed engine was advertised as “maintenance-free”.

Prince Skyline 1500 Deluxe

Prince Skyline 1500 Deluxe

The 1972 “Ken and Mary” Skyline took its name from two characters in its TV commercials. Hundreds of thousands of Ken and Mary t-shirts were sold in Japan, helping to make the Skyline a household name. (Here are Ken and Mary themselves, courtesy of YouTube.)

Below is the long-nose body GT version. Special technology was developed to help the engine meet 1975’s strict new exhaust emission regulations.

1972 C110 "Ken and Mary" Skyline

1972 C110 "Ken and Mary" Skyline

Skyline GTX 2000

The sixth-generation Skyline was nicknamed the “Paul Newman”, after the actor and racing enthusiast who starred in ads for the car. It was the first Skyline not to have short- and long-nose versions.

"Paul Newman" KHR30


The Skyline’s evolution progressed during the 1990s. The ERC32 was significantly shorter and lighter than its predecessors, giving it improved handling.

1993 ECR32

1993 ECR32

Handling was further improved with the 1998 ER34, thanks to a shortened wheelbase and a stiffer body.

1998 ECR34

1998 ECR34

The most recent Skyline, the 55th Anniversary Limited Edition.

The 55th Anniversary Skyline

Inside the 55th Anniversary Skyline

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