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Nissan Skyline – 55 years young

2012 will be the 55th anniversary of Nissan’s legendary Skyline series. To mark the occasional, Nissan has parked a few famous models in the gallery at the entrance to its Global HQ.

The exhibition opened today, a public holiday in Japan, so the gallery is already getting busy. Here are some photos of the six historic Skyline on display, and the latest version too.

Nissan Skyline models on display at Nissan Global HQ

A TV ad for the Skyline

When the Prince Skyline appeared in 1957 it had a respectable 60PS and a top speed of 125km/h.

The original 1957 Skyline

The Skyline’s tailfins evoked jet airliners of the time.

"Skyline Deluxe"

The 1968 Skyline was a Gran Turismo model.

The 1968 Skyline 1500DX C10

The 1980 Skyline was a technological leap forward. It had improved performance and fuel consumption, as well as being cleaner and quieter.

Up close

The 1980 2000GT HGC211

Father of the Skyline, Shinichiro Sakurai, was ill when the 1985 GTS was being developed, but led the project from hospital. He passed away this year.

The 1985 hardtop GTS HR31

Two more recent Skyline.

The 1997 ECR33

The 2001 V35

Last but not least, a special model to mark the 55th anniversary of the marque.

The 55th anniversary Skyline

As gorgeous inside as out

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