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Nismo’s Miyatani talks motor sports at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nismo President Shoichi Miyatani spoke to the Global Media Center at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 after the first unveiling of the Nismo-tuned Juke concept car.

The Juke concept, which could be the first of many Nismo versions of Nissan vehicles, is being displayed at the Tokyo show after a record-breaking year for the automaker’s racing arm. In 2011, series victories included Japan’s Super GT, FIA GT-1 World Championship and Le Mans 24-Hour class titles.

To what does Miyatani attribute this year’s success? “We made a lot of effort – as simple as that,” he jokes. After a mixed year in 2010, Nismo reviewed everything and rectified as much as they could – with spectacular results. Miyatani also pays credit to “good partners”.

Further into the future, Miyatani says electric cars – a feature on almost every carmaker stand at the Tokyo show – could become an exciting racing category. “I am sure that we can develop a format suitable for electric cars,” says Miyatani. Since EVs are quiet and pollution free, the races could be easily held in cities, or even indoors. The Nissan LEAF Nismo Concept just a few meters away from the Juke concept is a sign of what that future might look like.

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