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Nissan at TMS: Safer, Cleaner, Greener

When the Tokyo Motor Show opens to the public early next month, Nissan will display a host of futuristic models, with the PIVO 3, futuristic vision of electric motoring, set for center stage. Against the backdrop of eye-catching models, the Tokyo show also will provide Japan’s automakers an opportunity to explain their vision for the auto industry. Ahead of the show, Nissan has prepared a trio of videos on its advanced technologies, many of which will be tested by visiting media at the company’s GranDrive facility in Oppama. For Nissan, maker of the LEAF electric vehicle, a big part of that communication is zero-emission motoring. In the first video, Corporate Vice President Simon Sproule and Nissan engineers explain how the company will move towards more vehicles that emit no harmful gases. A huge part of that plan is battery-powered electric cars like the groundbreaking LEAF, while fuel-cell technology is also advancing rapidly after recent breakthroughs.

Nissan Explains Zero-Emission Strategy

A second strand of Nissan’s plans to increase fuel-efficiency falls under Pure Drive—a banner for a host of technologies that help gasoline-powered vehicles achieve improved mileage, while emitting less CO2. As the video shows, a new hybrid system combines impressive performance with lower emissions and excellent fuel economy, while a next-generation continuously variable transmission promises to raise fuel economy by 10%.

Nissan Explains Pure Drive and CO2 Reduction Plans

Safety, as well as cleaner motoring, is another long-term goal, with Nissan aiming to reduce fatalities or serious injuries involving its vehicles to “substantially zero.” In the final video, engineers explain key steps towards reaching that goal, showcasing new technologies that make driving safer for those  sharing the road with–and those inside–Nissan’s cars.

Nissan Explains Advanced Safety Technologies

For more details on Nissan’s concept cars and future techs, join us at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the public on December 3 at Tokyo Big Sight or follow developments on the Nissan global website

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