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It’s a wrap at APEC 2011!

13 November, 2011

On the final day of the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive at APEC 2011, over 400 people have been to the booth at the Sheraton Waikiki to either drive or ride in the 100% electric car.

You’ve seen their initial reactions, their impressions of the car after a test drive and shown in detail how the car works.

Today, we’ll bring you inside the car as we join Corey, one of our test drivers during his try out of the Nissan LEAF on the streets of Honolulu.

Corey at the wheel of the Nissan LEAF

And make sure you catch the second part of the video when we join Dennis Teranishi, recently retired CEO of Hawaiian Host, the largest producer of chocolate covered macadamia nuts in the world.

He tells us why he thinks the Nissan LEAF is ideal for his hometown.

Dennis Teranishi, retired CEO of Hawaiian Host

With that, it’s a wrap for the coverage of the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive activities at APEC 2011.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the experience of 100% electric, no gas, zero emission driving right here in Hawaii.

We know we did! Mahalo from the team and we’ll see you at the next On the Road event.

Mahalo from the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive team!

Camille Lim



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