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Nissan envisions the future of motoring at innovfest unbound in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Satoru Mizoguchi, Nissan’s senior vice president for research & development in Asia & Oceania, told an innovation conference that driving cars in the future will mean more electrification, more excitement and more connectivity.

Demand was already growing in South East Asia for more electric vehicles, as consumers in the region join a global trend for a cleaner and more efficient motoring future, Mizoguchi said in Singapore on June 5.

Speaking at innovfest unbound South East Asia’s largest innovation festival, Mizoguchi laid out Nissan’s vision for the future of driving: “We believe the near future of automotive is electric, also in South East Asia. There is a growing demand for cleaner and better powertrains.”

Nissan-commissioned study by Frost & Sullivan found that one in three South East Asian consumers planning to buy a car are open to purchasing an electric vehicle.

“But beyond developing new models and new powertrains, our R&D efforts are also focused on improving the electric vehicle ownership experience,” said Mizoguchi. “It’s about finding ingenious ways and delivering innovations to as many people as people. This includes raising energy density, reducing cost for affordable electric vehicles with long range as well as ensuring high reliability.”

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