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ProPilot Chair: Chairway to Heaven

Yokohama – Sept. 27 – Nissan unveiled the latest in a series of innovations designed to bring the benefits of its Intelligent Mobility blueprint to the daily lives of customers on Tuesday.

Following the success of the Intelligent Parking Chair earlier this year, the newly-developed ProPILOT Chair negotiates queues on behalf of its occupant, sparing them the hassle of standing in line.

The ProPILOT Chair appeals to anyone who has queued for hours outside a crowded restaurant, eliminating the tedium and physical strain of standing in line.

The same user-friendly philosophy underpins Nissan’s ProPILOT autonomous driving technology, which was designed to ease driver workload by assisting with the most tiring and repetitive aspects of driving in heavy highway traffic.

The unifying concept behind both is Intelligent Mobility, Nissan’s vision for how cars will be driven, powered, and integrated into society.

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