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Show and Tell with the Nissan LEAF at APEC 2011

12 November, 2011

Activities were in full swing at APEC 2011 on Saturday and security have been tightened on the island.

Cars slowed to a crawl as local police on bikes stood watch at the entrance to Sheraton Waikiki, directing the flow of traffic entering today’s summit venue.

Police standing guard at the entrance of Sheraton Waikiki

At the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive booth, it was business as usual — minus the test drive.

The team have not been able to bring test drivers out due to congestion on the streets but were on standby to answer questions from anyone interested to know about the 100% electric car.

Explaining the Nissan LEAF at the booth

Take a look inside the Nissan LEAF as David Mecey, our expert at the booth, explains in detail how the car works.



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