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Fantasy to Reality – Nissan BladeGlider: Intelligent Mobility

Rio de Janeiro – Aug. 4 – Nissan has moved the radical BladeGlider Concept from fantasy to reality, taking the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show star to fully-functional advanced prototype.

Nissan’s vision was for an agile, efficient EV providing new dimensions of driving fun and excitement, thanks to the near-silent performance of its electric powertrain and aerodynamic shape.

After two years of work on design, engineering and development, Nissan BladeGlider reflects the potential of advanced EV performance, epitomizing Intelligent Mobility, a philosophy to make its cars more exciting by redefining how they are driven, powered and integrated into society.

Power is 100-percent electric, with exceptional powertrain performance delivered by technical partner for the BladeGlider project, UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering.

Maximum speed of the demonstration models is in excess of 190km/h*, with 0-100km/h taking less than 5 seconds. The rear wheels’ drive is provided by two 130kW electric motors – one for each wheel. Power is supplied by a high performance five module lithium-ion 220kW battery. Bespoke cooling systems have been developed for both the battery and the motors.

“These prototypes epitomize Nissan’s drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility philosophy, where driving pleasure combines with environmental responsibility,” said Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Nissan believes that enthusiasts should look forward to a zero emission future and BladeGlider is a perfect demonstration of that. It’s the electric vehicle for car-lovers.”

The model features an advanced chassis configuration with a narrow front track and wider rear track for optimum aerodynamic efficiency and handling stability, while high-waisted, rear-hinged dihedral doors provide a dramatic entry and exit to the cabin.



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