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Nissan Kicks Brings Advanced Tech to Compact Crossovers

São Paulo – July 25 – Nissan is ready to compete in the fast-growing Brazilian and Latin-American compact crossover segment with the all-new Nissan Kicks, well-equipped with advanced technology.

Kicks is expected to be in all Nissan dealerships in Brazil from August 5. Brazil is the first country to launch the new model, which will then be introduced in several countries in Latin America by yearend, and ultimately to more than 80 countries.

The styling of Kicks also benefits from advanced aerodynamic engineering to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize wind noise.

Among the highlights of the new Nissan Kicks equipment are its Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection systems that use four integrated cameras to show an overall view of the car and warn the driver in case of any unseen dangers. Also available are Chassis Dynamic Control, Active Trace Control, Active Ride Control, and Active Engine Braking. Kicks is the first vehicle in its segment to offer these key innovations.

Kicks offers stress-reducing technology and class-leading fuel efficiency thanks to its advanced 1.6-litre engine and lightweight platform. It will be produced in the industrial complex of Nissan in Resende from the first quarter of 2017.

Styled collaboratively by design teams based at Nissan’s design headquarters in Atsugi, Japan, Nissan Design America in San Diego, California, and Nissan Design America – in Rio de Janeiro, Kicks is aimed at urban-dwelling families.

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