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Welcoming New Hires in Japan

Yokohama – April 6 – Nissan held a new employee entrance ceremony on Friday that saw substantial changes in the event to improve staff engagement, based on the recommendations of recent company hires.

Employees with less than three years of service were surveyed on the ceremony with an aim of developing a more fulfilling event.

Replies indicated that the event had not been a remarkable first day on the job, so a group of 23 newly-hired Nissan staff from different corporate departments teamed up to improve the ceremony.

After much discussion, the team presented its recommendations to CEO Carlos Ghosn in person, with the activities implemented at the April 1 ceremony.

The novel ideas, such as a car with messages written by all new employees and executives at the ceremony, was endorsed by the CEO, while external media in Japan featured the changes as a sign of how induction ceremonies in Japan, and at Nissan, were modernizing.

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