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USO: Japanese April Fool’s

Yokohama – April 1 – A flying ramen bowl, confusing pronunciation of companies Nissan, Nissen, and Nissin, and April Fool’s Day in Japan: All combine for delicious hi-jinks at the start of the new business year.

Tagged the “Unidentified Lying Object,” or USO in Japanese, the craft had blasted off from Nissin’s Tokyo headquarters on an autonomous test flight to Nissan’s Yokohama home.

But the USO mistakenly landed at Nissen’s logistics center in Fukui, Japan, some 400 kms west of Yokohama.  The cause was the mispronunciation of Nissan when setting the destination.

For more on the swirling USO, or Japanese falsehood,  please enjoy the above faux news story, or for oodles of noodles on the boiling impasta tale, click on this link for a limited time only.




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