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Kizuna: Volunteers Pitching In

Hirono-machi, Fukushima Prefecture – March 10 – Northeast Japan was struck by disasters on March 11, 2011 that still impact the region today.

Shortly before the fifth-year anniversary, Hirono town in southern Fukushima welcomed volunteers from Nissan and other groups, who looked to support further recovery.

State Minister for Reconstruction Kaneshige Wakamatsu

“Recovery efforts in Japan won’t conclude in five or even 10 years, so continued ties to the afflicted communities, or kizuna, will be needed even more. Over the last five years volunteers joined recovery efforts in Hirono and other communities in Fukushima prefecture. As evacuation orders are now lifting for more communities, more people are returning home, so the need to expand the spirit of kizuna is growing.

The recovery of Hirono, Futaba and all Fukushima prefecture is essential, as this factors into completing Japan’s rebuilding. This scenario is key for disaster recovery. Through these joint efforts with government, companies and community, all will use kizuna to complete the recovery.”

Nissan Iwaki Plant General Manager Masaru Nomoto

Kizuna is a common word, but after the Great East Japan earthquake it took on a magic meaning and became familiar to all Japanese.

But speaking of kizuna, the Nissan Iwaki plant staff also became victims of the tragedies – we lost an employee, and overall, everyone faced anguish about the disasters in regard to family, friends or neighbors.

The meaning of kizuna you see here today – 30 people from the plant. All have shown great passion in helping out with disaster recovery efforts.”

Yuji Maruyama, Nissan Staff

“I visited this area many times to lecture at a local high school, so I was very concerned after the disasters. I wanted to be part of contributing to support the local recovery, so joining the efforts today has made me quite happy.”

Mika Sato, Nissan Staff

“When we heard about the volunteer opportunity, we all said, “Yes, yes, definitely, let’s do it,” and this family atmosphere is the meaning of kizuna.”

Nobuhiro Imagawa, Nissan Staff

“This is my first time to join such volunteer activity in Fukushima recovery efforts. Our Iwaki plant saw the greatest damage of Nissan facilities from the disasters. But with this experience, we can support further efforts to aid Fukushima’s recovery.”


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