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Winter WonderRoad: Taking on Snowy Japan

Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture – What if cars could handle snowy and icy mountain passes like the world’s best skiers and skaters?

More than 1,700 meters up in the Japanese mountains, journalists had a chance to experience some of the most exciting seasonal driving in the world, testing both man and precision machine in slippery road conditions and frigid temperatures.


In late January, Nagano’s mountain roads hosted media driving the Nissan X-TRAIL Hybrid, GT-R, Fairlady Z, Skyline Hybrid, Juke NISMO RS and Juke Turbo 4WD, March NISMO S, Note NISMO, and the NV350 Caravan.


Nissan Driving Meister Hiroyoshi Kato was on hand to offer technical insights and handling tips, while the wintry drives and stunning vistas of the Japan Alps left a powder rush for many that won’t thaw until late spring.

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