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GT-R LM Nismo Makes Le Mans History

Le Mans, France – June 14 – Nissan’s much-anticipated Le Mans challenger, the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, made its race debut at the Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend, finishing the legendary 24-hour race.

The #22 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO of Harry Tincknell (GB), Michael Krumm (GER) and Alex Buncombe (GB) took the chequered flag Sunday afternoon after battling against the odds to complete the greatest race in the world.

For the first ten hours of the race the three entrant GT-R LM NISMOs racked up miles, all completing over 100 laps of the Le Mans circuit.

Two of the cars were unable to finish, and the race was certainly not without drama for the #22 car, which had to contend with regular teething problems such as when Tincknell ran into a large piece of debris while hurtling towards Indianapolis Corner at 340kph.

“We ran the entire race making sure we were mechanically sympathetic so we could rack up the miles and finish Le Mans,” said Tincknell.

“I certainly didn’t expect to hit a massive lump of ‘something’ that was right in the middle of the racing line. The car was feeling good at that time too, so it was a real shame.”

The Le Mans 24 Hours is a huge challenge for any manufacturer but to make your race debut at Le Mans requires Herculean effort.

The Nissan NISMO team has worked non-stop since the GT-R LM NISMO first took to the track at the end of 2014. The car is still in the infancy stage of its development but a huge number of lessons were learnt this weekend as the team fought to keep the cars on the track.

“I am feeling very proud of the whole team right now,” said Nissan’s Darren Cox. “For sure we have had problems but that’s what happens when you innovate. Our engine is strong and we were able to quickly fix the other problems that we had. We have learnt an incredible amount at Le Mans and our battles will only make us stronger.”

“Most LM P1 manufacturers don’t finish Le Mans at their first attempt so it was important for us to hit this target,” he continued.

“The guys in the garage are the heroes this weekend and the drivers have all done an incredible job, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. They needed physical and mental strength in equal measure this weekend and every one of the nine delivered for us.”

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