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A Blue Sky Solution: New Mobility Concept EVs

May 20 – Himeshima, Oita Prefecture – The small Japanese isle of Himeshima was in need of a 21st Century solution to its challenges of limited tourist mobility and renewable energy use, when it contacted Nissan about acquiring its New Mobility Concept electric vehicles.

The one-traffic light Himeshima, which translates as “Princess Island”, lies 4km off the coast of Kyushu, and is home to a small fishing community that has been dabbling in solar and wind power generation, seeing zero-emission EVs as complementing its “Blue Sky” aims for energy self-sufficiency as well as bolstering local tourism.

In a port-side ceremony, local leaders welcomed the new EVs that will be part of community ride-sharing efforts, with hopes that Himeshima will become a case study for other Japanese islands to adopt the two-seaters on their own roads to energy self-sufficiency.

New Mobility vehicles are available for ride-sharing in Japanese communities such as Yokohama, Shikano in Tottori Prefecture, and are a staple of Nissan’s zero-emissions leadership.

The ultra-compact 100% electric vehicles were developed in response to a rising numbers of senior citizens and single-member households, along with the increasing number of short-distance trips by up to two people in areas with limited road space or parking.

Nissan is working with Japanese local bodies, corporations and other groups to promote use of the EVs, as well as to consider alternative visions for the communities of tomorrow.

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