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Hawaii State Senators test out the Nissan LEAF

11 November, 2011

It’s Day 2 at APEC 2011!

Today, a pair of special local guests visited the Nissan LEAF Ride and Drive booth to test drive the 100% electric vehicle.

Hawaii State Senators Michelle Kidani and Pohai Ryan took the Nissan LEAF out on the streets of Honolulu.

Nissan CVP Hideaki Watanabe met with them after their drive and explained to them what was under the hood.

Nissan CVP Hideaki Watanabe and Hawaii State Senator Pohai Ryan


See what they thought of the drive in the Nissan LEAF.

Island state Hawaii in the Nissan LEAF’s first year of sales has seen on a per capita basis the greatest take up of interested consumers.

The state has implemented clean energy initiatives in a bid to reduce its dependence on oil and lower energy costs, and aims to transform Hawaii to a 70% clean energy economy by 2030.

With a mandate by the state to ensure energy sustainability, electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF could lead the way forward to a cleaner, zero emission world.

CVP Watanabe explains the Nissan LEAF to Hawaii State Senator Michelle Kidani

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