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Nissan’s AVM to Net Deep Insights to the Ocean Floor

April 9 – Yokohama – Diving up to a kilometer below the ocean’s surface, the robotic crawler is on an undersea expedition to reveal secrets of “inner space.” The crawler’s “eyes” are cameras mounted on its four corners. The four views from these cameras are combined into a single bird’s eye view by Nissan’s AVM – Around View Monitor – technology.

The technology is complex, but understanding the benefits of Nissan’s AVM is easy.  AVM is a key technology in Nissan’s Safety Shield, which monitors vehicle systems and the driving environment, and is essential to Nissan’s advanced Autonomous Drive system.

In Nissan’s passenger cars, AVM helps you get in and out of parking spaces while avoiding obstacles. Driving is easier, and safer.  AVM improves your “situational awareness.”

That means more confidence when backing up or parallel parking … Less head twisting, multiple mirror checking, or leaning out the window. Nissan engineers thought, Hey, why stop at cars? Couldn’t this kind of situational awareness help operators of all kinds of vehicles?

Indeed, through licensing agreements, Nissan is applying AVM to fields and situations far removed from the mall parking lot. In December 2014, Nissan partnered with Hitachi to put AVM on monster mining trucks 3-stories high so they could transport ore safely and efficiently, while reducing downtime.

To explore distant planets, Nissan partnered with NASA to put AVM on landing vehicles.

From outer space to “inner space,” Nissan is now diving to the bottom of the sea in a joint development project with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and robotic crawler manufacturer TOPY Industries.

Further enhanced with an unrestricted top-view perspective, Nissan’s AVM gives operators on the mother ship better situational awareness of the robotic crawler on the seabed.

Unhampered by the fisheye lens distortion of previous crawlers, Nissan’s AVM with wide-angle cameras a third-party enable a virtual view of the crawler’s surroundings, making it much easier to navigate obstacles, drill for core samples and examine objects of interest.

The ocean floor is Earth’s last frontier. And AVM is bringing its mysteries into sharp focus.

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