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New Mobility in Old Japan Town

The New Mobility Concept on the narrow streets of Tottori

March 12 – Shikano, Tottori Prefecture – The New Mobility Concept, a two-person Electric Vehicle (EV), is now serving even more communities, with the latest, a rural castle town near the Sea of Japan.

Local inn owners in Tottori wanted to craft a hot spring and local car-share visit package for Shikano’s narrow roads, contacting Nissan to bring the EV to the town.

Daisuke Okamoto of Sanshien Inn with the EVs

Some 155 of the EVs, which have become a staple in Yokohama transportation under the “Choi Mobi” name, have been used in 22 different locations for tourism and transit across Japan.

Shikano EV rentals range from about $10 for one hour to $40 for six hours, with an additional training license charge of $12.

For further information on Shikano in Japanese please click here or call 81-857-84-2211.

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